Our team specializes introducing quality videos that profile your company/product and services. No matter the service or message you want to pass across, we will provide you with the production advice to ensure that your objectives are met an your customers believe your vision and are attracted to what you are selling.

In recent times Leia Cole Studios has produced different home videos, one which is titled "The Banker", the movie caught a lot of attention and earned different awards. Some other movies produced by the company are "The Glass Slippers", "Of Bad faith", "The Scorned Help" and the most recent which has the title "Exhumed".


Brand Strategies & Advertising

When our client is commissioned to undertake a campaign, Leia Cole Studio ensures to come up with the right strategies, we study the clients product for a period of time and compare it to what is already trending in the market. We determine what needs to be achieved with every campaign we come up with. We determine the driving force for the targeted customers by understanding the client objectives and matching it to the current needs of their potential customers. It is our duty to give you a spot in the market place.

Leia Cole Studios comes up with great campaigns that places your company at the forefront, be it billboards, television or social media advertisement. We have a great in-house team to help you come up with the best advertisement plan.

We are with you, studying your market and presenting your product from start to finish in ways it will appeal to your potential customers.


Equipment & Studio Rentals

Our equipment is suitable for absolutely any application and stands up to tough conditions. Our equipment is robust and reliable, because we have to rely on our equipment in any situation.



Whenever we shoot, be it at Leia Cole in-house Studio, on location or serving as a creative director, our first aim is to blend creativity with our clients goals and objectives. YOu dream it and we bring it to life, with us photography reflects the essence of your story and brand.

Our photography services:
  • Event and Conventions
  • Headshot and Portraits
  • Corporate Branding
  • Personal Portfolio
  • Product Photography
  • Action Photography
  • Lifestyle/people Photography

Artist & Event Management

Leia Cole Studios manages different types of artis ranging from models, dancers, upcomeing actors, musicians and many more.

WE ensure that we place our artist in the spot light using the right strategies. We have fair and affordable prices and our team are well prepared to deliver excellent performances.

No event is too small or too large for Leia Cole Studios to handle. We devise great creative concepts, and establish sound planning routines. We possess the expertise, including a pool of specialists, to make your event a succeess.

Our specialist service providers include:
  • Lighting Experts
  • Sound Engineers
  • Creative Directors
  • Set Designers
  • Stylists
  • Music Directors
  • Budget Tracking