About Us

Leia Cole studios started in the year 2018 when the Creative Director was pregnant with her first child, due to her passion for art to translate imaginations into reality. She attended Arts Academy and gained more knowledge in Cinematography and Branding. Leia Cole Studios is named after her daughter and since inception it has not failed to provide its clients with excellent results.

The more aggressive you are with your goals, the more challenged we get. Leia Cole Studios first belief is vision, the purpose of a client request, ensuring that the desired message is being passed across. We have the creative talent and in-house team to exceed your expectations and make a lasting impact on consumers.

Our creative team handles all your needs - story boarding, script writing, art direction, location scouting, shooting, special effects, producing, editing, creative concepts and more. Whether your goal is a national commercial, diverse social media content or just a local company promo, we give premium attention to all budgets and projects sizes.

Our Mission
Tell us your dream and watch us make it reality

No matter what your idea or concept is, it is our first duty in Leia Cole Studios to ensure that we bring it to lime light exactly the way you dream it or make it even better. Our aim is to ensure that your potential customers/Clients and Viewers understand the message you are trying to pass across and ensure that your name always sticks on their minds.